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  • Human activities – the various activities done by people. For instance it includes leisure, entertainment, industry, recreation, war, and exercise.
  • Mathematics – the study of topics such as quantity (numbers), structure, space, and change....
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Introduction: Design Your Culture for Change (CC01)
Change Compass
Introduction: Design Your Culture for Change (CC01)
This introductory course will teach you about the factors that influence the ability of companies to drive change successfully. Whether the required change relates to health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, leadership, digital...
Become a Change Agent (CC02)
Change Compass
Become a Change Agent (CC02)
Positively influencing others, and quickly bringing about beneficial change that is long-lasting, is a life skill that is necessary for almost all situations. If you have not been able to achieve this, either at work or at home, the Change Agent...
Habit Prescriptions: Which habits are worth adopting? (CC03)
Change Compass
Habit Prescriptions: Which habits are worth adopting? (CC03)
This course helps you understand which habits matter and get the best outcomes. The answer is somewhat dependent on what type of stakeholder is asking the question. We have focused on three stakeholder groups: insurers, employers, and members, or...

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